Dr Afifi al-Akiti

  • Senior Visiting Lecturer (University of Oxford, UK)

We are pleased to announce that Shaykh Dr Afifi al-Akiti has joined Minhaj College Manchester as a visiting lecturer.

Dr Afifi is the Kuwait Fellow in Islamic Studies at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies and Lecturer in Islamic Studies in the Faculty of Theology. His areas of expertise are Islamic theology, philosophy and science. In addition to his critically acclaimed written works, he has worked on several BBC documentaries, including the recent “Science and Islam”. He is internationally acclaimed for his 2005 fatwa, “Defending the Transgressed by Censuring the Reckless against the Killing of Civilians”, written in response to the 7 July London bombings, which was praised by scholars worldwide and gained a massive readership.

Dr Afifi, who comes from Malaysia, was educated originally at the feet of the ulama of the Muslim world, and in 2010 he was made a Member of the Ulama Council there. In 2012, he was made a Life Peer by the King of Malaysia and elected into the Privy Council of the state. Since 2010, Dr Afifi has been listed in The Muslim 500: The World’s 500 Most Influential Muslims.

We are honoured that the respected Shaykh has agreed to offer his valuable experience and knowledge to our college and our students.