GCSE English

English Language GCSE should ensure that students can read fluently and write effectively. They should be able to demonstrate a confident control of Standard English and they should be able to write grammatically correct sentences, deploy figurative language and analyse texts. 

GCSE specifications in English language should enable students to:

  • Read a wide range of texts, fluently and with good understanding
  • Read critically, and use knowledge gained from wide reading to inform and improve their own writing
  • Write effectively and coherently using Standard English appropriately
  • Use grammar correctly, punctuate and spell accurately
  • Acquire and apply a wide vocabulary, alongside a knowledge and understanding of grammatical terminology, and linguistic conventions for reading, writing and spoken language

In addition, GCSE specifications in English Language must enable students to:

  • Listen to and understand spoken language, and use spoken Standard English effectively
Spoken language will be reported on as part of the qualification, but it will not form part of the overall final grade.
Key Units


  • Response to a work of 20th century literary fiction
  • Response to a 19th century non-fiction text
  • Response to a 21st century non-fiction text
  • Descriptive and narrative writing
  • Transactional writing
Spoken Language
  • An individual presentation

*Please note that unit information is subject to change depending on examinations board. Please contact admissions@minhajcollege.ac.uk

Entry Requirements

Students progressing from school are expected to have a grade D in GCSE English, or a Level 2 in Functional Skills English. Applications from mature students with a lower GCSE grade, or no previous attempts are also welcome.

In addition, prior to the start of the course, some applicants may be required to sit an initial assessment (writing in English) to enable tutors to determine their suitability for the course. Some learners may require a year of Functional Skills English before commencing the GCSE.

MCM will consider alternative qualifications and for mature students will consider work history as part of the entry requirement process. If you do not meet the above entry requirements please get in touch and we maybe able to help – admissions@minhajcollege.ac.uk


Where does this Lead

  • Employment, where a minimum GCSE grade ‘C’ is required.
  • Entry to a wide range of Advanced/Level 3 vocational and academic/university courses
  • Further study of English Literature or Language at AS or Access level
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