A-Level Physics

You will look at particles and quantum phenomena, electricity, mechanics, materials and waves. Then you will delve into further mechanics before exploring the fascinating areas of nuclear physics, medical imaging techniques, thermal physics and astrophysics.

As well as your theoretical learning you will develop investigative and practical skills as you apply that learning to experimental applications. This hands-on approach encourages an appreciation of the big picture in physics and aids in the development of rational thinking.
Will this subject suit me?
If you like to think about the nature of light, matter, gravity, electrons, the Big Bang, magnets, black holes and superconductors then yes!
The course will contain lots of practical work and lots of mathematical work.

Personal Study Time

A level students are expected to devote as much time outside the classroom to their studies as in lessons. You will be given significant amounts of homework on a regular weekly basis including practise at examination style questions. Independent study is crucial to success at A-level.

*Please note that unit information is subject to change depending on examinations board. Please contact admissions@minhajcollege.ac.uk

Entry Requirements

3 GCSEs at A* – C PLUS a minimum of grade 4 in English Language, Science and Maths. 

MCM will consider alternative qualifications to GCSE’s and for mature students will consider work history as part of the entry requirement process. If you do not meet the above entry requirements please get in touch and we maybe able to help – admissions@minhajcollege.ac.uk


Written examination papers incorporating both the syllabus content and the recommended practical work done during the course. Candidates complete practical activities to demonstrate practical competence. Performance reported separately to the A-Level grade The examinations are taken after 2 years of study for students on the full A-Level course.

Where does this Lead

An A-level in Physics (combined with other science a levels) could see you carry on to study a science degree at university.

Future Opportunities

Physics can take you anywhere. You could become an astronomer working at NASA, a particle physicist working at CERN, a meteorologist doing the weather on TV, an engineer designing formula 1 cars and so on, or even apply your knowledge of physics to the world of finance.

Physics is a highly sought after A-Level and degree alike by employers because it speaks of intelligent, critical, rational thought.

Fee Structure

1 A-Level: £900 (per annum)
3 A-Level: £2000 (per annum)
3 A-Level + Islamic Studies: £2500 (per annum)
Any Combination with accommodation £3000 (per annum)

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